5uM Dry Fog Ultrasonic Humidity Maker Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer 252*92*67mm

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name TAIMI
Certification ISO,RoHS CE
Model Number TM-20MM-2.4MHZ/1.7MHZ Ultrasoinc atomizer
Minimum Order Quantity 1000PCS
Price negotiable
Packaging Details safe packaging
Delivery Time 10~20days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 100000/month

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Product Details
Product Name Ultrasoinc Atomizer Input 110-250V, 50/60Hz.
Core Components Ceramic Disc Weight 4.5KG
Power 250W Working Current 4.6A
Frequency 1.7MHz Certification CE RoHS
Voltage DC48V Application Ultrasonic Humidifier
Size 252*92*67mm Mist Particle Size 3-5μm
High Light

5uM ultrasonic humidity maker


Dry Fog Ultrasonic Humidity Maker


Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer 252*92*67mm

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Product Description

1 Year Warranty 252*92*67mm Dry Fog 10 Heads Mist Maker Ultrasonic diffuser Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer


Brief Introduction of Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger

The use of: For humidifying machine, fog equipment movement, or directly used as a humidifier (to be connected to 48V DC). Use matters needing attention:

1 when the atomizer is working correctly, please don't put their hands on the above atomizer spray chamber, to prevent ultrasonic injury.

2. The atomizer must be in the water to work properly, before use, please the into the water and then connect the power, and to ensure that the fogging piece surface in the water, so as not to damage the atomizer.

3. when to stop using the atomizer before you disconnect the power supply, and then removed from the water atomizer.

4. use the atomizer, please use the output power is more than 250W, the output voltage is DC45 + 5V power supply.

5. when a plurality of atomizers set in the same container when in use, respectively is equipped with a separate power supply, not with a single power supply connection multiple atomizers use, and pay attention to the shell of the atomizer communicated each other, to thereby generate electrical corrosion.

6. Atomizer fog must use fan forced discharge, planar space and each nebulizer retained 350CM2, so as to avoid water temperature too high shorten the lifespan of the atomizer.

7.The atomizer is not suitable for the atomization of corrosive liquid, so as to avoid damage to the metal shell and atomizer atomizing sheet.

8. the installation process please don't damage the water level sensing switch, water level switch to avoid failures caused by uncontrolled atomizer.

The water level switch is damaged should be stopped, otherwise there will be a piece of dry burning so as to further damage the atomizing atomizer. At this time need to be repaired by professional maintenance personnel to use. Product warranty:

1 the product warranty period is one year. Normal use within a year if the failure can be returned to the original factory warranty, non normal use of the failure, can be carried out with a taste warranty, depending on the circumstances.

2 the following circumstances, does not belong to the scope of our quality assurance. According to the contents of the store - installation use and maintenance of the fault. The product is without dismantling repair, modification or additional parts. The loss (such as atomization etc.) is not within the scope of warranty.

Main Features of Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger

1. Super high mist volume (Mist volume 4.5Kg/H)
2. Super fine mist particle size (φ20 1.7MHZ piezoceramics disc)
3. High consistency (Mist output tolerance ±10%)
4. Long life (8000H Mist attenuation ≤ 30%)
5. Corrosion resistant (6um Ni-Cr coating )
6. Waterproof design (high density sealing )
7. High reliable water level sensor (Patent spherical CapSense)
8. Built-in Thermal protection( Temperature>65℃ automatic shut down)
9. Voltage delay circuit (start delay 5 seconds to prevent electric shock)
10. Anti-fault Design of wiring (convenient installation and maintenance)
11. LED failure protection (LED external silicone lamp cover, prevent erosion and water seepage)

5uM Dry Fog Ultrasonic Humidity Maker Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer 252*92*67mm 0

5uM Dry Fog Ultrasonic Humidity Maker Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer 252*92*67mm 1


Advantages of our Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger


♥ The stronger adaptability of atomized water quality, using pure water or tap water can work normally.
♥ Transformer scope is wide, guarantee it can still normal use even if the voltage of power supply has big change.
♥ Equipped with transformer polarity protection circuit,which can prevent damage atomizer when we connect the wrong the negative and positive.(if we connect the wrong negative and positive, it will not work )
♥ Start delay circuit, to avoid damage to the circuit because of big current when we let them work.
♥ A single nozzle line using the independent design,and adopt the over-current protection circuit, so if there is any one of nozzle which was damaged,which will not affect the other nozzle.

♥ The machine current affected by voltage and temperature is less, because of current of each nozzle adopt electronic automatic adjustment, then working voltage and temperature will have less effect for the total working current.

The working current will reduce with temperature increasing.but it does not affect the mist amount

It is to avoid the power tube which is too hot,and current increase. Then damage to ultrasonic atomizer.

♥ Adopts the high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistant ability, good mechanical strength of the metal shell, reducing temperature difference between ultrasonic atomizer interna and water. then prolong the service life of the product.
♥ Low temperature and big atomizing quantity design
♥Shell adopts stainless steel



5uM Dry Fog Ultrasonic Humidity Maker Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer 252*92*67mm 2


The Specification of Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger
4500ml Ultrasonic Mist Maker Parameters
Main Body Material Stainless steel
Rated Voltage DC 36V-48V
Power 250W
Ceramic Disc Dia 20mm
Disc Quantity 10
Working Water Level 65mm
Product Size 252*92*67mm
Mist Volume 4500ml/H
Working Temperature 1-55°
Cable 1.5m
Mist Output Decay Rate 5000jr<30%
Storage Water Protection Capacitor Induction Mode
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5uM Dry Fog Ultrasonic Humidity Maker Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer 252*92*67mm 3

Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducer Principle


The principle of ultrasonic atomization is the use of electronic over-frequency oscillation (the oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz, which exceeds the hearing range of humans and has no harm to humans and animals). The high-frequency resonance of the atomization sheet throws the water away from the surface of the water and produces a natural flow. Water mist, no heating or chemicals required. In the process of atomization, a large amount of negative ions will be released, combined with the floating smoke and dust in the air, and the electrostatic treatment will precipitate and filter it, which can effectively remove harmful substances and odors such as nails, carbon monoxide, bacteria, etc., and can prevent and control decoration pollution. The high concentration of negative ions can effectively kill harmful bacteria and viruses suspended in the air, purify the air, and reduce the occurrence of diseases. In the process of atomization, the negative ion particles can compensate for the air humidity and improve the dry home environment or industrial environment.


Some Application of Ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger


Edible fungus: creating a humidity environment suitable for the cultivation process
Computer room: Maintain humidity, eliminate static electricity, reduce dust, and clean the air. Reduce failures.
Supermarket freshness: green leafy vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, fresh, refrigerated display cabinets, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, taste, color, prevent dehydration, withering, weightlessness, etc.
Laboratory: Various types of inspection, testing, quality, analysis, laboratory and other constant humidity environments. Maintain various experimental process requirements, improve reliability and reduce failures.
Planting industry: all kinds of orchids, tropical plants, soilless cultivation, flower houses, etc., to maintain various humidity requirements during the growing season.
Breeding industry: large-scale breeding sites such as livestock, birds, insects, etc. simulate the natural environment. Maintain the humidity requirements of various breeding industries, moisturizing and disinfecting.
Artificial landscape: tropical artificial rain, film and television, exhibitions, parks, zoos, squares, water screen movies, etc. imitating the natural environment cloud landscape.
Leisure and health care: leisure and entertainment such as bathing, fitness, skin care, beauty, cold mist bath, salt mist bath, negative ion bath, high-end human enjoyment, comfortable environment,
Bar: pure draft beer + real ice + natural flowing water smoke, recreation and artificial landscape, romantic water smoke, pleasant environment, negative ion bath.
Film and television cultural industry: fog screen, three-dimensional sense.
Air conditioning industry: air conditioning in airports, stations, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, theaters, office buildings, etc. humidifies and maintains humidity to suit human needs.
Gunpowder industry: In addition to static electricity, dust reduction, explosion-proof.
Tobacco industry: humidification, breakage and dust removal during processing.
Textile industry: humidification, elimination of static electricity, dust reduction, no broken ends, reduction of flying flowers, weight increase and production increase, etc.
Printing industry: In addition to static electricity, maintain humidity to ensure that the paper does not shrink and deform, no paper jams, no defective products, easy color registration, no downtime, and improve production efficiency.
Spraying industry: all kinds of industrial products are sprayed on the shell to maintain humidity, increase paint adhesion, and do not remove paint or paint off
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