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Company News About Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technology: Pioneering Green Smart Manufacturing for Heating Systems
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Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technology: Pioneering Green Smart Manufacturing for Heating Systems

Latest company news about Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technology: Pioneering Green Smart Manufacturing for Heating Systems

Recently, China officially released the ‘2024-2025 Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Action Programme’, a policy document that not only stresses the urgency of heat metering and transformation, but also explicitly puts forward the promotion of the mode of charging according to the amount of heat. Under the impetus of this policy, the importance of ultrasonic flow measurement technology has become more and more prominent, it is not only the key to achieve accurate heat metering, but also an important tool to promote the heating system to the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction.


Ultrasonic flow measurement technology: an important technical means for energy saving and carbon reduction in heating systems

Ultrasonic flow measurement technology provides a reliable solution for heat metering with its high accuracy and low loss characteristics. By measuring the time difference between the propagation of ultrasonic signals in the fluid, this technology is able to accurately capture the flow rate and flow rate of the fluid, providing accurate data support for the heat distribution of the heating system. This is essential to ensure efficient operation of the heating system, optimize energy distribution and reduce energy wastage.


Ultrasonic flow measurement technology: for ‘green’ ultrasonic heat meters

In the ‘intelligent heating’ system, the sensor centred on ultrasonic measurement technology is like a precise ‘thermometer’, capable of accurately measuring the flow rate and flow of hot water. The sensor calculates the flow rate by the difference between the propagation time of the ultrasonic waves in the downstream and counter-flow, and then combines it with the temperature value measured by the temperature sensor to comprehensively calculate the value of the consumed heat. This high precision measurement enables the heating system to control the distribution of heat more accurately, effectively avoiding energy wastage.

TAIMI High Temperature Flow Transducer : High Temperature, High Pressure, Highly Efficient Thermal Conductivity

TAIMI has introduced high-temperature flow transducers based on the characteristics of heat metering. The use of highly pressure-resistant stainless steel and ceramic materials, combined with a highly hermetic design, allows the sensors to come into direct contact with the liquid medium, while effectively avoiding instability in pressure and heat resistance, ensuring the stability of the product's performance. This design significantly reduces the interference of environmental factors on the product's output and received signals, thus significantly improving the product's response sensitivity.

latest company news about Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technology: Pioneering Green Smart Manufacturing for Heating Systems  2

Long-term resistance to 2.5 MPa

The high-temperature flow transducer's housing material is rigid enough to withstand pressures up to 2.5 MPa for long periods of time, which is much higher than the 1 MPa pressure-resistant transducers commonly found on the market.
Metal material with good thermal conductivity

The metal high temperature flow transducer has excellent thermal conductivity, which helps the calorimeter sense changes in fluid temperature more accurately during the measurement process and improves the accuracy of the measurement.


Drive voltage as low as 5Vp-p

The transducer has a drive voltage of 5Vp-p, which not only has a low drive voltage, but also meets the testing requirements of many European and American countries, ensuring product consistency.


Weather Resistant and Highly Reliable

After rigorous testing and validation, the AUDIOWELL high temperature flow transducer shows excellent resistance to humidity, cold and hot shocks, and vibration, with excellent overall weather resistance, and is able to meet the requirements of industrial equipment in high temperature water metering, with high reliability.

Conventional Size, Wide Matching

In terms of dimensions, the probe diameter of the high temperature flow transducer is 16.8mm, which is a perfect match for conventional ultrasonic heat meters and ensures easy installation and use.


Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technology: Helping to Transform the Heating Industry into a ‘Digital Intelligent’ Industry

Thanks to the structural advantages of ultrasonic measurement technology, pipe segments fitted with high-temperature flow transducers have no moving parts inside, and therefore have low pressure loss and high accuracy. In order to further promote the development of ‘intelligent heat supply’ systems, ultrasonic flow sections with digital signal outputs are now widely used, effectively improving the stability and reliability of data transmission.

The application of such ultrasonic flow measurement technology with intelligent expansion will help promote the digital and intelligent transformation of the heating industry. Through digital flow monitoring and management, heating companies can monitor the real-time operating status of the system, timely adjustment of heating strategy, to achieve more refined, intelligent energy management. This not only improves the operational efficiency of the heating system, but also brings more comfortable and economical heating services for users.




Under the strong impetus of the policy, ultrasonic flow measurement technology will play a vital role in the field of heat supply metering. It not only improves the measurement accuracy and operational efficiency of the heating system, but also helps to promote the transformation of the heating industry into ‘digital intelligence’, contributing to the achievement of energy saving and carbon reduction targets and the sustainable development of the heating industry.

In China, with the in-depth implementation of the 2024-2025 Action Programme for Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, the application prospects of ultrasonic flow measurement technology will be broader, and its importance in the field of heat metering will become increasingly prominent.