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Latest Company Case About TAIMI SENSOR Automotive application
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TAIMI SENSOR Automotive application

 Latest company case about TAIMI SENSOR Automotive application

a.Ceramic pressure sensor core applications

1.TM-NT21 Series Ceramic capacitance pressure sensor material selection of 96% ceramic, has strong corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high elasticity and other excellent characteristics, while the extremely high thermal stability of the ceramic makes its operating temperature range of-40℃ ~135℃ .In the working process of the ceramic capacitance pressure sensor, it does not need to transfer the pressure through other media. The monitoring pressure acts directly on the ceramic diaphragm, and the electric capacity change between the base electrode and the diaphragm electrode is proportional to the pressure.When overload, the diaphragm reaches against the base without breaking. When the pressure recovers, its performance will not be affected, which completely solves the disadvantages of low-range overload failure. It is the replacement product of ceramic pressure resistance and diffusion

2.TM-NT18 series ceramic pressure sensor is a kind of ceramic piezoresistive pressure sensor which is refined by special process using ceramic base. Ceramic is a recognized material with high elasticity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, shock resistance and vibration.

The thermal stability characteristics of ceramics and the high temperature sintering process of thick film make the working temperature range of ceramic pressure sensor up to -40~125℃. and has high precision and high stability. More than 2 KV electrical insulation, its size diameter 18 mm, range 2-400 bar.. ceramic pressure sensors are widely used in the fields of process control, environmental control, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, servo valves, transmission, and medical instruments.its corrosion resistance makes it have great advantages in refrigeration, chemical and environmental protection.





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b.Parking Assist System

The parking assist system uses the on-board sensor to identify an effective parking space and controls the vehicle to park through the control unit.

Parking Space Detection
APA ultrasonic sensor

Environmental information is obtained through the APA ultrasonic sensor and the parking space is identified.

Front and rear obstacle detection
UPA ultrasonic sensor

The UPA ultrasonic sensor is mounted on the rear bumper or front and rear bumpers of the car to detect obstacles in front and rear, to help the driver "see" the obstacles in front and rear, or the distance from the car when parking. It is convenient for parking and protects the body from scratching.


c.ROA system

ROA system (Rear occupant alert system) detects rear seats with ultrasonic sensor to check if there is any kids left. If the movement of a kid is detected by the system, the alarm will be turned on to remind the driver.


Obstacle detection

Open type ultrasonic sensor

ROA system uses open type ultrasonic sensor. The product is installed on the top of vehicle, and detects moving objects with ultrasonic range detection principle.

Sound alarm


When the open type sensor detects the moving object at the vehicle rear seats, the alarm will be turned on to remind the driver.


d.Blind Zone Monitoring System

The blind zone monitoring solution is the alarm device used to detect the blind zone of a vehicle while driving.

Blind zone detection

Close type ultrasonic sensor

The monitoring system can detect the blind zone with ultrasonic BSD sensor. The sensor is installed at the back of vehicle. It has a wide detection angle and long detection range, which can detect the object at the back of the vehicle.

Sound alarm


It detect the blind zone with ultrasonic wave. When there is any object in the detection range, the alarm will remind the user with buzzers.

e.Anti-theft Alarm System

Anti-theft alarm system is the system used to avoid the theft of the vehicle or personal belongings.

Sensor components

Open type ultrasonic sensor

Anti-theft alarm system continuously and actively detects moving objects inside the car with ultrasonic sensor technology.

Sound alarm


When the sensor detect any moving objects, the buzzer will generate sound alarm to remind the driver.


f.Parking Space Detection System in Parking Lot

The core component of parking space detection device is ultrasonic sensor, which uses range detection principle.

Parking space detection

Close type ultrasonic sensor

Open type sensor

The system transmits ultrasonic wave from up to down through ultrasonic sensor to analyze the reflected wave of the vehicle or ground and detects every parking space accurately.